We are excited to introduce Klogs Footwear. As an extension of our Premium Standing Solutions, Klogs Footwear is the perfect complement to our innovative Designer Mats.

We began manufacturing the “Unusually Comfortable” Klogs Footwear in 1999. The fashionable performance footwear products are designed for people whose careers are strenuous on their feet. The outsole and footbed are constructed with the same proprietary Smart Tech Polyurethane™ as found in all Smart Step and WellnessMats premium products. All our standing solutions are engineered to keep Corporate America healthy and comfortable.

Over the years, Klogs Footwear has become a staple in medical, hospitality and other industries. As the leader in fashionable footwear, Klogs effectively addresses the grueling standing concerns of the workforce, with style. In keeping with our “Made in the USA” values, we manufacture Klogs at our Missouri facility. Available in a wide variety of both men’s and women’s designs, Klogs are fashionable, orthotic friendly, and always comfortable.